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Friday 24 November, 2017
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About us


  • A team of professionals with over 40 years of experience and professionalism guarantees the reliability you need.
  • When making your course at any level or specialty Blaumar to offer guarantees, security and convenience, with parking and changing a few feet of our boats.
  • You have more than 600 trips a year to discover the fascinating underwater world. With 3 hours of free parking.
  • A service maintenance and repair of the most prestigious brands of underwater equipment market, with certification of the technical staff is specially trained and certified by the brands themselves to this task.
  • We can also offer the sale or rental of material you upload need.
  • Open all year.
  •  More information: annamaria@blaumar.cat




Barca Ula


Bateig - Cursos

  Blaumar in Port Mataró   Our boat Ula   Discovery dives and courses of  all levels  

Sortides de busseig


Sortides de busseig

  Pedagogical sessions about the sea envireonment   Daily Diving Trips   Underwater Equipment Sellers and Technical Service